Take me to… Antarctica

More from the icy wilderness on the world’s 7th continent. There is nowhere quite like Antarctica!!!

This video and other Antarctica videos on this blog give you just a glimpse into what this destination has to offer.  To truly experience Antarctica, you have to see if for yourself.

[vimeo 93343201]

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2 Cool Llamas

So, I guess by now that it’s pretty obvious that we’re bonkers about Latin America here at Chimu UK.  But, its not just the amazing landscapes, the beaches, the culture (I could go on) that we love. We love the unique and wacky side of Latin America. The mad animals, crazy dancing and all out love for life, that is completely infectious.

Here, because its Friday (and because we’ve been laughing at it all afternoon) are two very cool Llamas…

Enjoy 🙂

Take me to… Antarctica

Possibly one of the most incredible Antarctica videos we’ve ever seen. If this doesn’t make you want to go, nothing will!

Sit back and enjoy…

Emperor penguins, Snow Hill Island Weddell Sea © Ruedi Abbhuel-PolarNews

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