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My memories in music….

Music is such an important part of life in Latin America, so its not surprising that their music brings back some incredible memories for so many of us. Georgina, destination specialist in our UK office, is more passionate that most about Latin American music and over the next few weeks she will reveal her favorite tracks and the memories surrounding them.

Marc Anthony – Vivir mi Vida

Marc Anthiny is, in my opinion, the best Latin artist. He always inspires me to dance and want to be surrounded by Latin vibes. His voice is like honey- Incredible!

Enrique Iglesias and Juan Luis Guerra – Cuando me Enamoro

Juan Luis Guerra is Dominican bachata singer whose music has been in my life since I was small. I love this song with Enrique Iglesias and the video starring well known Latina actress Ana Ortiz. It was the theme tune for a Mexican telenovela of the same name.

 Michel Telo – Ai Se Eu Te Pego

This song reminds me of amazing times in Brazil. It just captures all the fun I had and being so happy in that amazing country!

 Jorge  Aragao – Amor a Primeira Vista

I saw Jorge twice in concert in Rio. I was introduced to his music by friends when I lived there for 3 months. The second time I went, I met Ronaldinho, the world famous footballer in the audience. Jorge Aragao’s music is so gentle and chilled and just makes you feel relaxed and happy.

 Toke de Kada – Lamento Boliviano

I have loved this song for over 15 years and danced it with many lovely Latin friends. It brings back so many happy memories.

 Havana de Primera – Pasaporte

This song reminds me of a good friend of mine who is a dancer. It also reminds us of the social situation in Cuba, a country so full of contrasts. Beautiful dancing in the video as well, like only a Cubana knows how.

Los Van Van – Me Mantengo

Some Cuban friends of mine feature in this video . They are professional dancers. I love the beat – it’s pure earthy Cuban music.

La Charanga Habanera – Gozando en La Habana

These guys are the most popular boy band to come out of Cuba. Girls go wild for them. They are just great fun! I have seen them live here and in Cuba several times . They just make me want to get up and boogie!

That’s it for this week. More to come…