Hello and welcome to A Tale of Two Continents- A Chimu Adventures Blog. Through this blog we hope to share our love and passion for what, we feel are the most incredible places to visit in the world. You’ll find travel tips for our experts, stories of adventure, insider information, stunning photos and the wacky things that make Latin America and Antarctica wonderful, vibrant and irresistible.

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3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Megan,
    Glad you like my ‘flying penguin’ image in your header. Would love to share the story behind it for the benefit of your followers and readers.

  2. The flying Adelie penguin pic was taken at Cape Denison in the Commonwealth Bay area of Australia’s Antarctic Territory. I was one of a five-man expedition team tasked with carrying out conservation works to Mawson’s Huts, between October 2006-Jan 2007.

    I had never seen penguins ‘fly’ before and thought it looked very comedic and cartoon-like the way Adelies get themselves out of the water after an ocean swim and feed.

    So, early on in the season, I watched their routine and regular landing sites for several days before deciding to shuffle delicately onto the edge of the ice shelf just centimetres from the edge, lying flat so the penguins wouldn’t spot me from the water and change their course (which they easily do).

    Having picked my spot I lay back and waited finger poised on the shutter button and snapped this one flying out right in front of me. Towards me. Landing right on top of me and knocking the camera out of my hand (but only after getting this shot).

    Suffice to say it’s my pride and joy hero pic and was well worth lying in the penguins’ ‘toilet’ zone of the ice edge to get the one pic.

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